The purpose of this exercise is to collaborate in a group to create SOMETHING as organically as possible. This is a very simple warm-up exercise in swarm-like collaboration. As such, it has some limitations:
- Ideally, members of the collective would be anonymous to each other.  Unless you enter, jamboard from an incognito page, you not be anonymous in this exercise.
- This kind of collaboration takes a certain length of time for it to bear fruit, so this is only a sample of the possibilities.
I have chosen a visual collaboration because it is the first step in this kind of work--language is more “charged” and takes a certain long-term trust and a number of exercises to get to that point.
This is just an exercise.  We are not trying to create meaning or find metaphorical patterns that may be present in the group.  Just. Have. Fun.
Do notice if you are censoring yourselves, or if you feel you are taking a risk.  Don’t fight it, but notice it.
Keep doing.  Let the action get ahead of the thought.
Respond, react, echo, erase, mirror, contradict.  Play with others.
Use the tools--jamboard is very simple.  Play with the toys.
1. Pick one person in the group to grab the first book at hand.
2. Open it to a random page.
3. Pick the first sentence you see.
4. Share the sentence with your group.
5. Pick the last song you played in your playlists.
6. Start listening.
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