I have lived a long life, been all across these United States. I have skied the slopes of Colorado, I've surfed the waves of California, and I have eaten every cheesesteak Philly has to offer. I imagine getting a piano underwater,  a reader but I am blind so I read in Braille. Some people do not understand I enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks and I can see like no one else can see the true beauty of the novel. My days grow short, and my bucket list gets longer. I hope I still get to play a banjo in Kansas. It’s difficult to sing underwater you get a mouthful but it sounds garbled. Yet it’s beautiful to hear if you played an instrument under water.
[College Age]
That BITCH. Omg… You know, I didn't want the doctor to give me those meds. I tried to tell him “I have anxiety!” and what he gives me instead are vitamin gummies ? I feel attacked. I feel betrayed. I am anxious and now I just keep thinking “THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED OR ORDERED”. I am angry. I am sad. I am hurt. This bitch boy decided to push aside my anxiety and NOT give me the drugs that I so clearly desired but this insullant incompetent bitch gave me GUMMIESI never went intonthe woods until today. We brought a picnic full off fruit.. That FRUIT! Most of them are orange flavored! SPEAKING of oranges, I put them in my bra. I think it would be a good idea. The oranges would make them smell good right? Nice and...orangey? One day I was with my dad at his biker meeting and one fell out. My father is one of the leaders for a bike gang. Everyone listens to what he has to say. I have a hard time fitting in at school because of it though. My anxiety and depression makes it ten times harder to live. On top of that, Dave asked me to prom, I just didn’t know what to say. So i put oranges in my bra. went through so many dresses in my closet pondering what to wear and for weeks I only ate Oranges? Pineapples? Therefore, I’m overweight and I self conscious so I don’t want to wear anything because I feel gross. Yeah it's wasting food because I don’t like fruit. . But i like to put oranges in my bra, also it’s a good snack.  “I know it’s hard for people to understand what I’m meowing about but what I don’t know how else to communicate. I mean I tried typing on the IPad but nothing happens. And on top of that I didn't make it to the ocean. I didn't even make it halfway there. And trust me, I know you're dying to hear it so, you told me so. I was too young to go own my own. I’m not gonna be able to see the world. But, it taught me a lot. More than I ever would have learned here.” so you know how when I go to the beach I get really excited? Bitch i love okay so I ran to the water right when I got to the beach and I didnt even make it to ocean! I tripped and fell right on my face! everyone was watching! So I gave up and decided to get food. “I always thought the diner was the best place to go, up until they got a new cook. In the cook’s new recipes, oranges are in everything. The old guy was so much better! Everything was cooked to perfection, and now it just sucks. My fucking grilled cheese was burnt and I got a sweet iced tea, and that’s not what I ordered.” I always make animal sounds when I'm mad because they are fun. I don’t know what’s going on hardly. Going to sleep is so much fun, especially when your titties are loaded down with some fresh citrus. I heard vitamin C was good for your tits. Me and my Dad, mom, and younger cousin all put oranges in our bras now. Shit's so fun. Mmmm. Anxiety and oranges, the best way to live. so now, we DEPRESSED depressed
[High School Age]
I don’t know why my grandma had to die. Why oh why did grandma have to die she was so young, full of life, curious to the world around her. She was old but loved running on all 4s, kind of like a puppy. I remember when I was little and My mommy told me that when my puppy died he turned into a piece of canned bread, so we keep that piece of bread on the mantle so he’s always with us. But, if my puppy turned into bread when he died, will i turn in to bread when I die? Will my parents? Will it be sliced bread? canned bread? Banana bread? cinnamon raisin bread??  And will I keep them on my mantle too? I mean when you’re dead are you really bread? Or are you just dead matter that changes to look like bread? When one dies the dead, does that make you bread? Like say you’re sitting at home, eating a solid piece of bread and then boom. You dead. Is there some possible way that you transform into bread? Is bread the reason why people die, does the government poison the bread farms so that when people eat bread they become brain dead and then die? What if it’s aliens, maybe aliens invented bread and when we die they come down from the heavens and test on ourselves. Enough about death and bread. Lemme tell you what happened EARLIER that made me wanna turn this woman into bread for SURE. Today she gave me one of those spa treatments. I LOVE getting those spa treatments where they give you a deep tissue massage or a facial or even giving you a foot scrub/pedicure, my favorite. So I went to get a pedicure and she let me eat and I was having my favorite meal, of course, the cheeseburger. She’s doing great so far and then she said she’s gonna use a foot scrub on me, of course, I was okay with it. Who wouldn’t be okay with that… So what had happened was that she told me that if you pour vinegar into a bucket and you let your feet soak in them them your dead skin would soften. So that’s what I did and then she said that I had to use cheeseburger meat to soften and get rid of the dead skin. She was all like “ So I’m sorry I used your hamburgas a foot scrub”, but don’t worry I got my revenge on her. So I  made a pie for class today and I filled it with bananaZ but you’re not gonna believe you this. They put cranberries in it. That’s disgusting, who makes cranberry pie. I could see if it was like apple but cranberry? Maybe a cranberry apple bread pie...sounds like grandma for sure.
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